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Matthew Zonis

Matthew Zonis

International Admissions @Drew University
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Matthew Zonis

International Admissions @Drew University

Matthew Zonis is responsible for International Admissions at Drew University. Over the past 4 years, Matthew has represented Drew to students from around the world and has explained the benefits of an American style Liberal Arts education to students, parents, and educational agents. In addition to serving as an admissions officer, Matthew previously worked as a university counselor at an international high school in Hanoi, Vietnam and as an educational consultant in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to COVID, Matthew had the pleasure of visiting South Africa with Global Education many times and frequently enjoys meeting students from around the country and surprising those he meets with the fact that yes in fact there is an American who plays rugby



While there are close to 4000 institutions of higher learning in the United States, suffice it to say, there are not many like Drew University.

Study in the United States and join Global Education to learn about Drew University

In this presentation, you will learn about the 3 main reasons why students choose to attend Drew University, what exactly the “Liberal Arts” are and the benefits to pursuing this style of education at university, our unique Dual Degree programs with Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis, and NYU just to name a few, and the hands-on learning experiences you will be able to partake in as a Drew student

Meet directly with the University representative and receive first-hand information.

Global Education… A world of opportunity awaits!

You can recap the event discussion by watching the recorded webinar below.