TAFE International Western Australia Webinar

TAFE International Western Australia Webinar

Learn more about TAFE International Western Australia at Global Education’s Virtual Expo.

Meet directly with the University representative and receive first-hand information.

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Feb 03 2021




  • Michael Ingram
    Michael Ingram
    Regional Manager for Africa @TAFE International Western Australia (WA)

    TAFE WA is the largest institution in Australia’s largest state, with over 50,000 students enrolled at over 20 campuses. TAFE WA is one of Australia’s most established institutions, delivering high-quality, skills-based training for over 120 years. Michael is originally from Zimbabwe and studied as an international student in WA. After eight years in London, Michael returned to Perth, WA’s capital, and developed a passion for helping future international students pursue their dreams of studying in Australia. Over the last 11 years, Michael has met and helped students in twenty countries, from the Middle East to South Asia, and from Southeast Asia to Africa. Michael believes there is no better time to choose Perth to further your education. As one of the world’s healthiest, cleanest, and most liveable cities, Perth is all things to all people.


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