St. George’s University Webinar

St. George’s University Webinar

Learn more about St. George’s University at Global Education’s Virtual Expo.

Meet directly with the University representative and receive first-hand information.

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Mar 10 2021




  • Ms Victoria Kimotho
    Ms Victoria Kimotho
    Manager of student recruitment in Africa

    I am the Manager of student recruitment in Africa and I have had the pleasure of recruiting African medical students to study at St. George’s University (SGU), Grenada School of Medicine for over 10 years. I am based in Kenya. I completed my Masters in Public Health at St George’s University, Grenada, and have worked on health policy and research in African Health systems in over 13 countries Globally. My role is to support you to make an informed decision to study medicine and to ensure you are aware of the different pathways to becoming a doctor. I support you to navigate the application process. I provide advice and support to ensure you secure our funding opportunities and the required visas. I provide counseling to prepare you for your journey to becoming a doctor at SGU School of Medicine.


EXPO Webinar

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