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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the institution you apply to, the course, and the country e.g Bachelor of Medicine can cost +R810,000/year whereas a BComm degree starts at + R270,000/year for tuition. We always recommend you come in for a free consultation to go through your options together to see what fits your budget and which university offers the best course for you.

No, you are normally required to pay a deposit and your semester fees are due before you are enrolled. You can pay upfront if you wish. The university will state what deposit amount is required to secure your place at the university. This commonly can be between $1,000 – $6,500.

We are required by the universities to sight bank statements. By ensuring you will have sufficient funds, we are avoiding wasting your time as well as our time by processing applications to study that you will not be able to pursue due to lack of funding.

A visa rejection is associated with your passport number. If the agent who is assisting you doesn’t know about it, we can’t work to change the circumstances that caused the rejection. It will then flag up as an undeclared previous visa rejection on your next visa application, even for a different country.

Yes, you can do a foundation program first. A foundation course is a program that will prepare you for an undergraduate degree at university. They are specifically designed for international students who want to study abroad, such as in Australia, the UK, Ireland,  Europe, Canada, or the USA. Studying a foundation course will help you attain the correct level of qualifications and skills to pursue a degree at university – it will also help students who require additional English language support. 

A foundation year bridges the gap if you don’t have the right qualifications to go straight on to an undergraduate degree program. It provides a broad introduction to subjects of your choice and helps you gain valuable academic, study, and English language skills.

Having a UK passport does not automatically qualify you for local fee status. Generally, you will need to have been residing in the UK for at least 3 years prior to your application being submitted. However, a final decision on your fee status is made by the university when you apply.

Yes, you can do a Pre-Master’s program first. Pre-Master’s programs provide international students with a direct path to various postgraduate degrees at university. These programs give you the academic tools needed for a full degree, such as academic writing, attentive listening skills, basic knowledge of academic terminologies and the confidence to succeed in your master’s degree.

Pre-masters courses combine many elements such as academic subjects, study skills, and English language training, all of which are designed to meet an international student’s needs.