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Carrots on the Run: Newcastle alumni run 5k every day

A group of three Newcastle University students have been running 5k every day dressed as giant carrots in a bid to raise money for Newcastle West End Foodbank.

Newcastle University students Kate Abery, Eleni Haines and Tash Finchett have raised over £3000 so far and complete their final run on Christmas day. Aptly named, Carrots on the Run, Kate Abery, Eleni Haines and Tash Finchett have been running since October 25 and will finish their final run on Christmas Day.

Now into their 42nd day, the determined third-year students have been braving all weathers and have nearly run a marathon each week over the past two months. And the Jesmond flatmates are delighted to have successfully raised over £3000 to support struggling families in their community.

Eleni, 21, said:

“We really wanted to spread awareness of the Foodbank, we feel like it is a very unspoken issue not only within the wider community but especially within the student community. We chose the Newcastle West End Foodbank to make sure it was something local and you knew where our money was going. Every little donation helps and it’s really important as they will make a big difference to people’s lives”

The geography students have loved living in Newcastle for the past three years and having been made so welcome by the city, they decided they wanted to give something back.

Kate, Eleni and Tash originally planned to run as Christmas trees but decided running as carrots would stand out more and be more fitting for their fundraising. The trio has described running in their customers as like “running in wetsuits” but their determination to help support families in need inspires them to keep going.

As the coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of families struggling more than ever before, Kate, Tash and Eleni are grateful to receive any donation big or small.

To donate to the challenge, follow this link.

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